Dating Online: Niche Social Networks

May 13th, 2008

It’s been said in every language and in every place – there’s someone for everyone, so why should the internet be any different?

Social networks have been instrumental in building communities around any subject or grouping, but for many single people, the openly social environment of social networks is too intimidating to expose their need to date, which is why dating sites exist. No one comes to a dating site without wanting to date – it’s a community of people who are already in the group, and that much easier for people to find one another.

For some groups even dating sites don’t fulfill their needs and so niche sites – sites catering to their likes – have been developed.

Love Is Green ListingLove Is Green is a site for people who identify as “green,” people who care about the treatment of animals and sustainable diets. Vegetarians, vegans, and raw food people are all common in Love Is Green. Activists and environmentalists are welcome too.

Igniter ListingFor those who want friends to accompany them in a live environment comes the social network Ignighter, which offers a social network with an interesting theory; the best way to meet people is in groups, and therefore… date in groups! Increase your options in a crowd of your choosing, and if, as they console, the evening goes poorly, you’re still out with friends.

Dharma Match ListingFor people who hold strong opinions about beliefs, values, or spirituality there is dharmaMatch, the dating site for people looking to find like minded philosophies.

Biker Planet ListingFind your roadmate with BikerPlanet, the dating site for bikers. For people who want to date in a community that is always on the road and turned off by conventional dating sites, Biker Planet is an online meeting place for motorcycle lovers and those who love them.

Whatever you’re into, there’s someone out there that will be into you, so to find your niche, try the Listio search: dating+social

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