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July 31st, 2008

Professional on the Web ListingArtists and photographers have been using online portfolio managers for some time now, but for the webmaster or designer whose projects and skills are too complicated to show in a gallery view, there are few webservices available. This is where Professional on the Web, a directory and resource for freelancers and web agencies comes in.

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Professional on the Web is a tag based directory, which means that search – finding that freelancer or agency – is as easy as inputting what you think is important. To help you along with this, they have put two quick buttons at the top of the page to help narrow your search. “Professionals” returns agencies and freelancers; “projects” puts a list of project names in the results, so that you can shop by style. This works for portfolio managers as well, who can lure potential work by name or style.

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As a portfolio manager, Professional on the Web is not strong; it has no batch uploads, no comments or feedback, no meta information for online searching, but that’s because it’s not setup like an image based portfolio manager – it’s designed to provide a frame around your work, not be the work. Think of it as an index for your portfolio. Here’s how it works: someone comes to Professional on the Web looking for logos. They click on the “logo” tag and get a list of designers. They have the option of further narrowing their search by country with a pull down menu atop the results. After clicking on the portfolio they like, they see the logos that have been uploaded to showcase the work, each with a small description. This, however, is not the strength of Professional on the Web.

The real advantage of Professional on the Web is how simple it is to link to projects on the web – entire sites that are too difficult to import into an image placeholder. Let’s return to our example of a logo maker, with this exception; the logo designer has had a significant role in the development of a website, creating logos, banners, spreads, and Flash. In this case the designer wants the viewer to catch the dynamism of the site, wants the flow and feel expressed. For this Professional on the Web offers a link from the image placeholder to that site, allowing the visitor to make a quick jump into the designer’s work. This means that each image that is uploaded into Professional on the Web can be an active link to an entire project, and the profile in Professional on the Web acts as a searchable, tagged index of the designer’s work.

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As a portfolio manager for photographers or artists, there is little that Professional on the Web can offer. It lacks the features of popular portfolio managers and does not graphically captivate. For designers and web professionals, however, Professional on the Web offers the ability to link to online projects at the same time that they offer a searchable, tagged portfolio manager to help freelancers and employers connect. To find Professional on the Web and applications like it, there is the Listio search manage+portfolios.

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Application: Professional on the Web
Listio Profile:
Professional on the web is a directory where web agencies and freelancers can list their profiles and easily manage showcase of their projects. Users can search web professionals by tag and also rate projects instantly. No need to register or sign in. You can subscribe to the ever increasing lis... Learn more

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