Syncplicity: Backup, Sharing, Sync

July 25th, 2008

Syncplicity ListingThe first thing to know about the beta file sharing, sync’ing, and backup utility Syncplicity is that at the moment, it only supports the Windows platform. According to Syncplicity, support for Apple will come in September, but for the moment this review applies to users running XP or Vista. The next thing you need to know about Syncplicity is that it, along with other applications that do what Syncplicity does, a download on all participating computers is necessary.

To better acquaint ourselves with Syncplicity, let’s move through some of the features. Following the download and setting up an account on the Syncplicity website, we find a management screen on our desktop that allows us to set our preferences. Which files we would like to sync and which files we would like to share are as accessible as a folder on our computer. Simply select the files we want Syncplicity to handle. Since Syncplicity sync’s up every time there’s a change, with it we won’t have to worry about an old version resurfacing. No matter how many computers are sync’ed, Syncplicity is on top of it. For users wanting to customize the rate of sync, Syncplicity has an option to choose automatic or selective sync, as well as a slider bar to choose between faster bandwidth or better synchronization. All transfers from and to Syncplicity are 128 bit SSL transfers, making the sync (and the backups) more secure.

If we return to the management screen, we see how easy sharing is. Select a folder or file, click “Share it with someone,” and set the preferences for access. View only or modify. If they have downloaded Syncplicity, the files will appear on their computer with seconds. One click folder sharing with non-users is also available, making Syncplcity more inclusive. Now your friend doesn’t have to download Syncplicity, unless they want to. As a unique feature, Syncplicity can integrate into several social networks for easy photo transfer, or a productivity platform for your files. Through the website, sign into Facebook, GoogleDocs, Piknik, Scribd, or Zoho, and edit or share on the fly. A useful feature for travelers, this integration makes Syncplicity a solution for business or personal needs.

Backup is another capability for Syncplicity. Not only does the application store files online for availability twenty four hours a day, but it also keeps versions of files and deleted files. If you’ve ever accidentally deleted a file or begun annotating the wrong version, you know how useful that is. Syncplicity keeps backups synchronized and secure AES encryption.

To sum up the Syncplicity experience, sharing, sync’ing, and backup are all simple processes with Syncplicity. Secure, up to date files are maintained with frequent synchronization, available at any time through remote access on the web. Integration into productivity tools and social networks extend the function of Syncplicity, making it versatile for the PC user. Free for two computers and 2gb – $10 a month for 40gb a month and up. Find Syncplicity and like applications at the Listio search files+sync.

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