Imagination Cubed: Online Drawing By Email

October 10th, 2008

Imagination Cubed ListingOnline drawing programs come in all varieties and functions, but sometimes you just want to send something quick to a friend or colleague. For that there is Imagination Cubed, a drawing tool and whiteboard offered by General Electric. Free and simple to use, Imagination Cubed is an online drawing application that records your drawing progress for playback.

Imagination Cubed starts with a blank canvas with a gray grid that resembles graph paper (it can be turned off under the File drop down menu) and the default drawing tool, the pen. Open on the side is a small box of options for the pen tool, including settings for size, color, and style. Among the style choices, which are like effects brushes, are patterns, lines, circles, and an ink drop style that fills in with a complementary color.

Imagination Cubed Screenshot

Under the Tools drop down menu are a number of other options for your drawing experience, ranging from shapes (circles, squares, etc.) to a stamper with recognizable images (such as male and female cutouts). A line tool, text tool, and background color are also in the tool drop down menu. Each tool opens up a box with a few options which always include color, and often have size options. Select the tools you like and go at it. If you make a mistake the Undo button will undo anything you’ve done, right to the beginning, one at a time. A Clear button lets you start over, and the Send button sends an email to someone you’d like to share your drawing with. When they receive the mail, there will be link to Imagination Cubed, which will replay the drawing.

Imagination Cubed Tools

A flaw in Imagination Cubed is that there is only one way to save, which is to email yourself a link to the drawing. The good news is that there is not a large file that you have to download to bring back the drawing, but for users that have gotten attached to their drawings, relying on Imagination Cubed’s memory will be a turn off.

Imagination Cubed Stamps

Other than the flaw of saving, Imagination Cubed is an easy and fun way to pass along a sketch or some visual information, and it would be easy to imagine people using it to email schematics or notes. With the option of playback (Replay), users can use it as a simple diagram tool as well. To find Imagination Cubed or applications like it, there is the Listio search: graphics+create.

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