Queeky: Drawing Online Together

October 9th, 2008

Queeky ListingSo you’re looking to send an image to a friend, or do a little doodling without filling your wastebasket full of paper. So where can you go to draw online and show off what you did?

Queeky is an online drawing application that lets you draw in two ways: one is to create your own drawing through QueekyPaint, and the other is to share your drawing in one of the virtual rooms where you can draw and chat with other artists. To see how Queeky works, let’s start with our own drawing.

After signing in (we may have a masterpiece that we want to put into their gallery), we click the tab Create Drawings at the top. A blank canvas opens and we see the basic drawing tools that are common to most drawing programs: a pencil tool, bucket (fill), polygon tool, spraypaint tool, and an eraser. On the right hand side a color palette lets us choose which color we would like to use, and we can choose line thickness on the toolbar on the left. Options for curving and smoothing your lines – useful for mouse and touch pads – are also at the bottom of the toolbar.

Queeky Blank Canvas

As we begin to draw, Queeky records your progress, so that if you want to see how your drawing came together you can press the play button at top left and it watch how you did it. Saving is as easy as the pressing the disk shaped button on the top and it will be saved in the Queeky galleries. While saving Queeky will offer you the choice to open your work for others to change or to use Creative Commons licensing to protect it.

Queeky Save

Yet Queeky is more than just an online drawing application – it’s designed to bring people together over their work, so it’s no surprise that they have an extensive gallery of contributed art and gallery pages that let you comment, rate, and share the image you like. Just as you could see how your work was created, you can see how others made theirs. Drawings marked with a “Variate” banner can be changed and drawn on. The second way you can draw in Queeky is to what Queeky calls Multi-Draw, where several users can draw on a shared canvas. There are fewer options for drawing in the Multi-Draw mode, but the rooms are chat enabled.

Queekly Gallery

The drawback to Queeky is that there is no way to save your creations to disk, but the function of Queeky was never intended to be more than social doodling, as seen in the limitations of drawing. The eraser deletes entire actions, there are only a few tools, and you can only fill shapes (circle and polygon tools). Even with these limitations, however, it is remarkable to see what users have created in the Queeky gallery, and it a very accessible application. In addition to the site, Queeky can also be plugged in as a Google gadget, or plugged into a blog with the Flash code offered under the Gadget tab. To find Queeky or similiar drawing applications there is the Listio search: graphics+create.

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