Managing Events With Web 2.0

November 10th, 2008

It’s one thing to organize a party – something that most people will confess some frustration with – but to organize an event, a full sized affair with all the invites and lists, that’s a special skill. To help with that task are Event Management applications, web 2.0 with the organizational tools to keep even the most complicated of events on track.

This week we took a look at amiando, Eventbrite, MadeIt, and eventsbot, all of which are web 2.0 applications designed to do just that – organize, manage, and even plan for future events.

All of the applications have the benefit of keeping attendee lists and an information page online – accessible at any time or any place. This is more important than might be immediately obvious; last minute checks, changes, and notifications can turn an event into a nightmare, and with it all online, only internet access is needed to get up to the minute updates.

They begin with setting up your event, letting you give it a name, an unique url, and a description of the event. This is all to make an event web page, which acts as a portal for attendees, and an information page with updates (you can update the page with news). All offer both free and ticketed event management, though it should be said that all charge a percentage of ticket sales in exchange for handling ticketing. PayPal and Google merchant are the most common methods of handling payments for the applications, but other methods such as credit cards, wire transfers, and offline payments (checks, at the door) are offered through some of the applications.

All are able to copy the event – a useful feature for recurring events – as well as collect information from attendees. Not all the applications were created equal, but all allow the user to create custom questions on the enrollment page to learn more about their attendees. Some offered templates and customizations for their web pages such as changing the color or adding a logo, and all incorporated maps into the information page.

In the upcoming reviews we’ll be taking a closer look at what the applications offer, but if you would like to get a head start on this type of application, there is the Listio search: events+manage.

Next in this series: MadeIt: Making Event Management Easy

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