Zoho Writer: Full Featured Online Word Processing

November 3rd, 2008

Zoho Writer LogoThis is the first review in our series of online word processing applications. To see an introduction to this category please see: Word Processing Online With Web 2.0.

If you’re a user that is looking for full featured online word processing, you’ll like the options in Zoho Writer. From the moment it opens the application has the look of its well known software rival, with buttons for special features, and a writing space with a ruler.

Zoho Writer Screenshot

The features of Zoho Writer are impressive. Buttons on top of the writing space let users create special characters, emoticons, tables of contents, anchor points (html), links (urls), superscript and subscript, and insert images or change alignment. It’s what you might expect from the creators of the Zoho Suite, a collection of productivity applications intended to replace Office. This may be the strongest part of Zoho Writer – it can integrate with any of the Zoho tools, most of which have a free version.

Zoho Frame Feature

For editing Zoho Writer has an option for spell checking, footnotes, endnotes, and a highlighter. Files can be exported as txt, rtf, docx, pdf, sxw, latex, odf, and html. The last option is an interesting one in Zoho; in addition to the linking possible within Zoho Writer, users can create layers, toggle html, and post to their blog through the Publish menu. If you’ve set your documents to public, then you can also list your public documents in your web page or blog with a small script.

Zoho Writer also makes sharing documents – as much or as little as you like – easy. Collaborators and viewers with read-only privileges can be invited through the Share menu, and the Email menu allows you to email documents out in (doc and html formats), or any of the Zoho formats.

Zoho Writer Collaborate

The weakness of Zoho Writer is that it is very much like the desktop word processing software that will go unnamed, and can be as cluttered. Unlike more streamlined applications, users may find the multicolored buttons and options too distracting. This is not an application that has a clean desk approach – it is a full service word processor, which is its strength. For users looking for a wide range of options in a free word processor, Zoho Writer is a strong option. To find Zoho Writer or applications like it there is the Listio search: create+documents.

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Application: Zoho Writer
Listio Profile: http://www.listio.com/web20/app/Zoho-Writer/
Website: http://writer.zoho.com
Zoho Writer is a full-featured word processor which supports real-time collaboration between multiple users. It can import documents originated in a multitude of formats, like Microsoft Word (DOC, DOCX), OpenDocument text (ODT), OpenOffice text (SXW), HTML, RTF, JPG, GIF & PNG files, embed photos f... Learn more

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