Calaméo: Publishing Your Magazine Online

December 10th, 2008

Calameo LogoThis is the third of our series on magazine publishing with web 2.0. To see a primer on the topic with the common features of a publishing application, please see: Publishing Magazines Online With Web 2.0.

Online publications don’t do well on their own. At least that’s the thought behind Calameo, the international online magazine publishing application. Calameo offers web-based publishing for a wide variety of formats, each with their own directory heading, and a chance for users to express themselves or find new materials.

Calameo Item Page

Calameo is best seen through the setup process, where the options allow users to pull together a magazine from any source, including the internet. Batch file uploading, album and category designation, language, public or private publishing, and descriptions can be entered from this screen, as can profile settings. Calameo can accept the formats of PDF, OpenOffice, MS Office, and text files to create your magazine. Comments, the right to download the publications, and rights and privileges (Creative Commons) are options with every upload.

Calameo tags

For viewers Calameo has made all the published magazines searchable within their hosted directory, allowing users to use quick browse options by language, tags, popularity, and recent publications. They can also mark their favorites for later viewing, and join and invite people into groups. Users have the choice of viewing, downloading, or sharing what they’ve found with friends via email.

The reading pane in Calameo is well crafted, a Flash driven page that opens up once you have selected a publication, yet it is the features that will stand out. Search within the publication, see an index or table of contents, zoom, and control volume all within the page.

Calameo Viewing Window

To encourage community Calameo has given their application groups and community features, and viewers that like a publication can not only give it comments and rate it, but also export a “minicalameo,” a miniature reader that can be placed into social sites and blogs. Publishers also have the opportunity to publish to Jimdo.

A drawback to Calameo is that there is no printing component to the application; users wanting to see a copy of a magazine or product are forced to print it themselves. An annual fee (149 pounds) is also required for access to the API or to be ad-free. Even with these detractions, however, Calameo is an outlet for online magazine publishing with an easy to search (and thereby find) directory.

To read more about Calameo or to find similar applications, there is the Listio search: publish+magazines.

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Application: Calameo
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Calameo turns your ordinary word documents into attractive and interactive flip-page magazines. Users import files from your computer (be it an OpenOffice, PDF, or Word document) and are presented options to insert media, forms, or links. Calameo documents can be published and shared publicly or ca... Learn more

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  1. Narcisse Says:


    As a regular user of Calameo, I would like to correct one thing : the annual fee is more about 149 EURO (NOT pounds). One other thing I like very much about Calameo is the fact you can insert video and/or audio files within the publication.

    Thank you for this interesting review.


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