Flashcard Friends: Flashcards, Tests, And Learning

December 17th, 2008

Flashcard Friends LogoThis is the third application in our series of web 2.0 flashcard application reviews. For an introduction to this category, including a rundown of features common to all four applications reviewed this week, please see: Online Flashcards: Using Web 2.0 To Learn.

As students search for ways to remember information, they are likely to use more than one method – which is where Flashcard Friends comes in. In addition to flashcards in a variety of styles, Flashcard Friends offers tests to quiz and rate the extent of your knowledge.

Flashcard Friends Decks

The interface and style of Flashcard Friends is efficient and straightforward – a benefit for users that may get easily distracted. Divided into tabs, Flashcard Friends is searchable by tag, and keyword. To keep things simple, options only become visible as open as you select a deck, where users can then rate, copy (to favorites), tag, and edit decks.

Flashcard Friends Cards

Aside from an effective interface that quickly delivers you to the materials you want to study, Flashcard Friends has several ways to view flashcards. From the traditional flashcard style where the users flips it just as they would with a paper flashcard, to a list where rolling over the term with the mouse will show the answer (powered by Flash), or a list, Flashcard Friends gives users more than a way to see flashcards – they offer a test that can be made from the materials with write in, multiple choice, and true/false answers. Users can also record audio for cards where the text is not enough (such as Chinese).

Flashcard Friends Screenshot

The benefit of Flashcard Friends is that the application keeps you focused on the task at hand with an interface that keeps the quizzing interesting. The friend feature, which is presumably to find study partners or share interests, allows users to send messages to one another and add in their address books, but the weakness of the application is that there is no search function for finding people with similar interests.

To read more about Flashcard Friends or to find similar flashcard applications there is the Listio search: flashcards+learn. To find other e-learning applications, there is the Listio tag, education.

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Application: Flashcard Friends
Listio Profile: http://www.listio.com/web20/app/Flashcard-Friends/
Website: http://www.flashcardfriends.com
Flashcard Friends is a website focused on education. It enables people to create, learn and test themselves using the proven method of flashcards…except that these are online, not printed. They also offer social networking capabilities for friends to share flashcards with one another.... Learn more

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