Quizlet: Finding the Fun In Flashcards

December 18th, 2008

Quizlet Logo This is the fourth application in our series of web 2.0 flashcard application reviews. For an introduction to this category, including a rundown of features common to all four applications reviewed this week, please see: Online Flashcards: Using Web 2.0 To Learn.

The challenge with learning – and this includes learning with flashcards – is to keep things fun. This is something that Quizlet does well, incorporating games, knowledge, and testing to make learning easy.

Quizlet Screenshot

Let’s start with the fun stuff first. Quizlet takes information in “sets” rather than a single flashcard, then pairs the answer and question together. Using this method Quizlet is able to pair answers in games, which are the main feature of Quizlet.

There are two games within Quizlet: “Space Race” scrolls the terms across the screen and the user tries to type in the answer as quickly as possible to get a good score, and “Scatter,” which displays the answers and questions scrambled across the screen. As the user drags the right answer (or question) over its counterpart, it disappears. A timer on top keeps score.

“Familiarize,” another option from Quizlet, displays flashcards as they are commonly known, with additional options to show the question and answer at the same time or to quiz in reverse. The “Learn” button offers users the chance to be quizzed on the material (one question at a time), and there is also a Test option where answers can be put into multiple choice, true/false, or write-in formats.

Quizlet Game

On top of making the flashcard process fun, Quizlet gives users a range of ways to integrate their learning into their lives. Combining allows users to combine knowledge sets to test across disciplines, links for MySpace and Facebook let users integrate learning into their social networks, and a chat box on the set page lets users talk to one another.

Quizlet Directory

If there is a weakness in Quizlet, it’s only that games can distract as well as entertain, and short attention span users may wander from their studies. Even with that, Quizlet is a strong flashcard application, that will have appeal for most users.

To read more about Quizlet or to find similar flashcard applications there is the Listio search: flashcards+learn. To find other e-learning applications, there is the Listio tag, education.

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Learn new vocabulary and eliminate the need for flash cards with Quizlet. Quizlet is a tool for learning vocabulary. It is designed to make learning fun. You enter a vocabulary list of any words or data you want. Quizlet gives you a specialized learning mode, flashcards, randomly-generated tests, a... Learn more

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