CocktailDB: Web 2.0 And Cocktails At Your Fingertips

January 1st, 2009

CocktailDB Logo This is the fourth application in our series of reviews of web 2.0 cocktail applications. For an introduction to this category, including a rundown of features common to all four applications reviewed this week, please see: Taking In The New Year: Web 2.0 Cocktail Recipe Applications.

When users land on CocktailDB they may well feel that they have arrived; the application that features a large database with the ability to suggest by mood and ingredient has been lovingly prepared, and has made bartending simple.

CocktailDB Recipe

There are several ways to find the cocktail you want with CocktailDB, so let’s start with the know-nothing approach. Assuming we have no idea what we want, only have a vague idea of what kind of cocktail might be good, we can start with the final tab of CocktailDB, the Mixilator. The Mixilator is CocktailDB’s engine for suggesting cocktails, and using it we can search by mood, type of drink (aromatic, sour, thick), time of day, complexity, and taste. Once we’ve made our choices the Mixilator will return with a recommended beverage.

CocktailDB Screenshot

Assuming we know what we would like, we can search using the search page which gives us the chance to search by ingredient or name. CocktailDB also provides suggestions and unusual recipes through the Random Recipe, Strange Drink Chemistry, Top 25 Drinks, and Daily Mystery Ingredient links. All drink recipes will have links to similar drinks (by ingredients) linked at the bottom.

A special tab for ingredient searches allows users to search for ingredients – nearly any ingredient imaginable – by type, name, place of origin, or flavor. Once the search has been conducted, the results will show the category, taste, and availability (extinct ingredients are also listed for older cocktails) of the ingredient.

CocktailDB Mixilator

The weakness of CocktailDB is not the database itself, but what could be added to it. Famous drinks such as the Singapore Sling are listed only as recipes and could have histories and credits included on the page. As any cocktail aficionado knows, the experience of the cocktail is only enhanced by a good story. To find this application or related applications, there is the Listio search: drinks.

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Application: CocktailDB
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Looking for that special cocktail recipe, or for something new that suits your mood? CocktailDB, the internet cocktail database has a database of thousands of recipes and a suggestion engine to bring you exactly what you're looking for. A labor of love from true cocktailers, CocktailDB is used by b... Learn more

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