Comparing Survey Applications: Zoomerang, SurveyMonkey, FluidSurveys, and MySurveyLab

January 16th, 2009

Any organization, and some individuals, need feedback to determine what their next course of action should be and for those who need it, no method is as informative as the survey. Web survey applications have made the survey process faster and more efficient than before with real time results and 24 hour access, so it’s only natural that Listio covers some of the best web 2.0 applications in surveys.

This week we judged the applications Zoomerang, SurveyMonkey, fluidSurveys, and MySurveyLab on how they constructed a survey, how easy they were to use, and what features they offered. We’ll talk more after the chart, but if you’d like to see the application in greater detail, there are full reviews of each available through the product names in the chart. For an introduction to this category please see: Online Surveys: Feedback Through Web 2.0.

Zoomerang MySurveyLab FluidSurveys SurveyMonkey
Unlimited surveys yes yes yes yes
Templates yes no no yes
Branching or skipping yes yes yes yes
Language Support yes no no yes
Closing page yes yes yes yes
Duplicate survey yes yes yes yes
Customization yes no no yes
Upload email contacts yes yes no yes
Publish by url yes yes yes yes
Publish by email yes yes no yes
Export to csv yes yes no yes
Free plan yes yes yes yes
Starting plan (monthly) $19 currently free $14.95 $19.95

All of the applications this week are able to bring the convenience of the web to a survey; allowing customization, on the spot editing (unless you’ve emailed the survey, this is great for last minute corrections), and integration into websites. All allow users to craft several kinds of questions for their surveys, and Zoomerang and SurveyMonkey offer templates (surveys preformatted with questions) to save you time.

MonkeySurvey Screenshot

Navigation is easiest with Zoomerang, which has a clean and active graphic style that makes it easy to understand what’s happening. None of the applications had a bad graphic style, but SurveyMonkey, fluidSurveys, and MySurveyLab each had broken flow between their pages, leaving users confused. The success of Zoomerang’s interface has a lot to do with its use of a dashboard, centralizing functions and giving a ready overview of how the survey is doing.

Zoomerang Screenshot

The list of features was most impressive with SurveyMonkey, though the interface was easier to understand and use with the runner up in the feature category, Zoomerang. Custom themes, filtered responses, and the ability to share reports were some of what made SurveyMonkey feature-rich. Zoomerang has a hard bounce reporting feature (if emails come back to you, you can see a report of them) and quota management (caps for surveys). FluidSurveys and MySurveyLab were also cleanly designed, but neither could customize or give language support like the other two. Skip logic, covered in our introduction of the series, is possible in each of the applications.

Where fluidSurveys is limited to the web for publication, the other applications are also capable of publishing the survey by email – a useful tool for reaching an existing contact list. In fact, fluidSurveys has no address book as the others do – its strong suit is the drag and drop interface for survey creation, which can be used to create surveys of multiple pages. Each of the applications handle reporting through a tab, though Zoomerang’s dashboard is the easiest to understand and visualize.

FluidSurvey Screenshot

Customization, use, and features were weakest in MySurveyLab, but unlike the other applications, MySurveyLab is currently free. SurveyMonkey is the most expensive of the four, beginning with a starting account of $19.95 a month, rivaling Zoomerang’s $19 monthly. FluidSurveys’ starting accounts begin at $14.95 and have a limitation of 500 responses. Limits on responses carry on to all accounts in fluidSurveys, as they do with MySurveyLab.

MySurveyLab Screenshot

In the end users are likely to feel that they get what they pay for; enterprise users will want the full range of features and will pay for SurveyMonkey, while budget users will use the free accounts of Zoomerang. Users wanting simplicity will see MySurveyLab and fluidSurveys easy ways to get basic functionality, with users wanting to email survey takers using MySurveyLab.

To find this and other survey applications there is the Listio search: create+surveys.

Previously in this series: Zoomerang: Online Survey Application That Puts It Together

Application: mySurveyLab
Listio Profile:
Improve the quality of your products or services by handing out surveys to your customers or target market. mySurveyLab does the task of creating surveys tailored to the nature of your business. Learn about customers feedback towards the products and mySurveyLab will provide you tools to help you a... Learn more
Application: fluidSurveys
Listio Profile:
fluidSurveys allows you to make advanced online surveys and polls while showcasing a very simple drag 'n drop interface. fluidSurveys has all the typical features that you'd expect in a tool of its kind, except it's much more intuitive. As a result of the application's design, what used to take hou... Learn more
Application: SurveyMonkey
Listio Profile:
Online survey application that lets users create surveys that can be used for businesses, homes, and charities.... Learn more
Application: Zoomerang
Listio Profile:
Zoomerang is an online survey tool that lets you create and send online surveys. It also allows you to view the results in real-time. Its other features include creating custom survey paths eliminating the need for respondents to read and respond to eliminate questions, sending reminders to those w... Learn more

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14 Responses to “Comparing Survey Applications: Zoomerang, SurveyMonkey, FluidSurveys, and MySurveyLab”

  1. Donna Says:

    I suggest taking a few minutes to check out Zoomerang before you make a final decision. Zoomerang pioneered the online survey space and continues to be the best tool money can buy. They have a free version, one you can access for only $19 per month, and a premium version with lots of advanced features. It is very easy to use – but if you have questions, they offer free telephone support and a wide range of online webinars and tutorials. Since they are part of MarketTools, one of the largest market research companies in the world, they have access to a wide range of survey expertise which enables them to build a product that reflects real world needs. They offer a wide range of templates enabling you to quickly design a great survey – powerful list management tools, including easy access to a 2 million member panel of potential survey takers – the ability to send surveys via email, mobile phones, or web sites – and a range of useful reporting and analysis tools including export to Powerpoint and open ended text analysis.

  2. Steve Says:

    I would recommend checking out It is completely free regardless of the number of responses or questions. It is super easy to use and there is free support as well. It has been voted one of the best online tools from Businessweek.

  3. The Web is Not a One-Way Street. « i can haz .NET Says:

    [...] is a review of some survey tools available, and another review here. Here is a sort of search engine. The home site is also worth looking at if you’re in the mood [...]

  4. chrisco Says:

    Why would anyone buy survey’s on a subscription basis? This is a 1-off product, not a subscription product. Pricing should be fixed ($x per survey) + variable ($y per completed survey response). If a competitor enters the market with a good product and that pricing model, they will be position to take market share from the incumbents, who are living in a fantasy world that they have a subscription-based product. Nice try, guys.

  5. Increase trust among your franchisees: ask their opinion « The Side Note Says:

    [...] Click here to read a posting on Listio that compares these online survey applications: Zoomerang, SurveyMonkey, FluidSurveys and MySurveyLab. And while its not included in this review, dont forget to consider using Twitter polls to create and distribute polls on social networking sites. [...]

  6. Aydin Mirzaee Says:

    @chriso – FluidSurveys now has a one time fee plan… check it out here:

  7. Rob Says:

    @chriso – I see your point for certain users, but just know that there are many, many others who use survey products continuously as part of their marketing, CS and research efforts – and survey software is a very, very good subscription business to be in actually :-)

  8. RJ Says:


    Have you outgrown surveymonkey? Take a look at zoomerang and get more features

    Great Review…keep it up!

  9. Allan Ebdrup Says:

    Also check out my spare time project:
    Obsurvey is currently free, and free of ads.
    It is especially strong if you want to embed a survey in a blog or website.

  10. Crea Survey Says:

    Hi, an interesting new tool is It’s completely free and unlimited.

  11. Mark Says:

    Disclaimer: I work for impressity. Anyhow I highly recommend our 100% free survey services at We are cooler than SurveyMonkey because: 1. our survey services are 100% free, unlimited questions, unlimited responses, unlimited themes; 2. We let you embed the survey in any webpage by just copy&paste; 3. We let you analyze the survey data geographically or chronologically. You can do “cross table” by visual chart… Our vision is to let everyone utilize the free survey tools to make informed decisions (which are exclusive to large corporations or marketing companies)

  12. Week Eleven: Online surveys and wrapping up « 23 Things for Archivists Says:

    [...] just to tracking and reviewing Web 2.0 applications!) has an article comparing survey utilities: – note this is from January [...]

  13. Marti Says:

    Is there a Listio review of SurveyGizmo? Does anyone have opinions on them? I came across this comparison but I would like to hear what other users and reviewers think before I decide on who to use.

  14. Susie Says:

    I’ve used SurveyGizmo and was really happy with how much they let you do for free and it is really easy to use. I had put a question up on twitter looking for an alternative to Zoomerang since Zoomerang has cut their questions down to 10 or 12 instead of 30 (I had 17 questions to ask) and SurveyGizmo responded with a comparison chart between them, Zoomerang and SurveyMonkey that was quite impressive. They also told me I could find what other users think under their favorites list on Twitter and on their Facebook page. I then saw some user comments on their website and of course those are carefully selected but from what I saw on Twitter and Facebook they seem to be well-liked so I tried them and I am now also a very satisfied user.

    Note to Listio: You should do a review/comparison of SurveyGizmo, they are very worthy of one

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