Comparing Web 2.0 Cocktail Applications: CocktailDB, DrinksMixer, ExtraTasty, and Cocktail Builder

January 2nd, 2009

This week we did our homework for New Years – online drink recipe applications. If you would like to a primer on the subject, there is our post, Taking In The New Year: Web 2.0 Cocktail Recipe Applications. We’ll talk more about CocktailDB, DrinksMixer, ExtraTasty, and cocktail builder after the chart, but we should begin with saying that all the applications this week allow you to search cocktails by ingredient and by name.

CocktailDB ExtraTasty Cocktail Builder Drinksmixer
Recipe suggestions yes yes yes yes
Ingredient search yes yes yes yes
Directory no yes no yes
Favorites no yes yes yes
Tags no yes yes no
Add your own recipes no yes yes yes
Non-alcoholic beverages no no no yes
Ratings/voting no yes yes yes
Comments no yes no yes
Images yes no no no
Inbox no yes no no
Community no yes no no
Glassware information yes no no yes

The most basic functionality of a cocktail application is to provide a result for your search, though it should be said that some applications return more information than others. The most informative application this week was CocktailDB, which supplemented recipes with an extensive database of ingredients, both active and extinct. DrinksMixer and cocktail builder followed with large databases of recipes, but CocktailDB covered the most ground with their search.

CocktailDB Screenshot

Of the applications CocktailDB’s suggestion engine was the most nuanced, allowing users to search by time of day, cocktail strength, and type. DrinksMixer’s advanced search also offers options to search by alcohol rating and user rating, but had no recommendations. ExtraTasty makes a point of suggesting three cocktails per liquor on the homepage, and cocktail builder offers a random selection. All of the applications posted random recipes to promote discovery.

Extratasty Screenshot

The most visually appealing application of the group would be a tie between ExtraTasty and CocktailDB; ExtraTasty has a clean, playful graphic style that is easy to use, and CocktailDB makes a point of including photos of the ingredients (generated for each recipe). Cocktail builder is the simplest – each link opens to the main page – and DrinksMixer was cluttered with ads.

Cocktail Builder Screenshot

Social users will want to visit ExtraTasty, which has options to share recipes and make friends inside the application. None of the other applications had social features like ExtraTasty, though all but CocktailDB allow you to share recipes with friends via email. CocktailDB is also the only application that does not allow users to save recipes to their own page, and it and cocktail builder do not have sign-ins, so it if the user cleans their cache, then they will not be able to save recipes in cocktail builder as well.

Drinksmixer Screenshot

All of the applications could improve with the amount of information they give within the recipes, including adding crosslinks (an explanation of how to zest a lemon comes to mind) and history about the drink. At the time of this review CocktailDB’s navigation was poor and we feel that features such as the Mixilator (the suggestion engine) could be integrated into other pages.

We should also mention the cocktail application Webtender, which also allows users to search drinks by recipe and type. Omitted because of its crude design and weak navigation, Webtender is nonetheless another application for alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink seekers. Also worth investigating are the video tutorials available at the Small Video Network, which will appeal to dedicated cocktailers.

To find this application or related applications, there is the Listio search: drinks.

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Application: cocktail builder
Listio Profile:
Cocktail Builder is website that helps you find out what cocktails you can make from the ingredients you have in your bar. You know where to go:, where you type up the stuff you got and find the stuff you can make – Puck’s Potion and Bay Breeze, each with detailed instru... Learn more
Application: DrinksMixer
Listio Profile:
Drink recipe database and search application that lets you find the cocktail you like! Search by ingredient, type, or name, then rate and comment on the ones you like. Information on glassware, bartending, and terms are also available along with a widget that can be integrated into social networks ... Learn more
Application: ExtraTasty
Listio Profile:
Go to to find the perfect drink recipe. You can find recipes by ingredient tags, conveniently listed on a side panel, or you can query drink names. Potential mix-meisters and pro-mixologists alike can submit their top creations and get feedback.... Learn more
Application: CocktailDB
Listio Profile:
Looking for that special cocktail recipe, or for something new that suits your mood? CocktailDB, the internet cocktail database has a database of thousands of recipes and a suggestion engine to bring you exactly what you're looking for. A labor of love from true cocktailers, CocktailDB is used by b... Learn more

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2 Responses to “Comparing Web 2.0 Cocktail Applications: CocktailDB, DrinksMixer, ExtraTasty, and Cocktail Builder”

  1. Ben Requena Says:

    Excellent wrap up of the top cocktail sites currently online.
    We here at GarnishBar are looking forward to being at the top of this list soon. ;)

  2. Green Eagle Says:

    I believe your comparative chart is somewhat misleading. For example, CocktailDB does not allow readers to add their own drinks because the recipes here are the product of the world’s greatest cocktail historian, Ted Haigh, aka Dr. Cocktail. His recipes come from an incredibly deep knowledge of the history of these drinks, and they really are superior to those from almost every other source- do a test and see for yourself. For this reason, CocktailDB is easily the best source of information about cocktails you can find.

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