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January 14th, 2009

SurveyMonkey LogoThis is the third application in our week of online survey application reviews. For an introduction to the topic, including features common to survey applications, please see our post, Online Surveys: Feedback Through Web 2.0.

One thing is sure about SurveyMonkey – there are a lot of features to be had. Though many features aren’t available until users cross over into the paid plan, SurveyMonkey has enough to keep even the users using the free account content.

MonkeySurvey Screenshot

As with all of the survey applications SurveyMonkey lets users create surveys with a variety of question formats and get their responses, but SurveyMonkey also lets their users customize their surveys as well. Users are able to change thank you pages, upload a logo, or use one of the preset themes. Page numbering and question numbers are optional fields, and for users that want to save time a copy function allows for duplicating surveys.

MonkeySurvey Survey

When collecting responses, there are three options: return by email, create a popout, or set the responses to come to your email. Most of the analyzing of results is done under the My Surveys tab, which serves as a central point to design, collect, and analyze your surveys.

Analysis shows response rates, the number of skipped questions vs. answered, and with a paid account, the ability to filter the responses (response time, or collector). Responses can also be shared without giving access to the account.

MonkeySurvey Addressbook

SurveyMonkey is a strong survey application with a range of tools for its users, but it is not without its weak points. To begin with, SurveyMonkey could be more centralized. My Surveys acts as a dashboard but leaves off the creation and contact links, which means that instead of a single tab there are three, and pages tend to lead users away from the central page. The effect of this is confusion, something that could be avoided with a stronger dashboard.

The other weak point is the pricing, which some users will feel is too limiting. Even with the lowest subscription ($19.95 a month, users are only allowed 1000 responses before accruing overcharges, and to reach unlimited response rates means users will pay the premium $200 annually. Free accounts are limited to 100 responses and 100 contacts.

Despite limitations with pricing and navigation that could be improved, SurveyMonkey is a survey application with a long list of features – if you’re willing to subscribe. To find this and other survey applications there is the Listio search: create+surveys.

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Application: SurveyMonkey
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  1. olaf t buzz Says:

    I gave it a try and found it was not too hard to use. One thing that I really hated was that you had to pay money for just 100 responses. I tried instead which is nice because it is free no matter how many responses you get. Please post another blog if you have any other recommendations for taking surveys online!

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