Zoomerang: Online Survey Application That Puts It Together

January 15th, 2009

Zoomerang LogoThis is the fourth application in our week of online survey application reviews. For an introduction to the topic, including features common to survey applications, please see our post, Online Surveys: Feedback Through Web 2.0.

Zoomerang is an application that lets users do more than create a survey – it keeps it all organized, from the creation, managing, and response – all from a dashboard.

Zoomerang Screenshot

Creating surveys with Zoomerang can be done in one of two ways; either by template or by crafting one of your own by the step-by-step process Zoomerang provides. Questions and answers can be written in as the user likes with html markup. Direct questions, multiple choice, and write-in responses are some of the options that survey managers can choose.

Zoomerang Create Page

Deploying a survey can be done several ways with Zoomerang: sent via your own address, by generating an url, or by purchasing survey responses. Sending by your own email allows you to send reminders, track recipients, and has the advantage of scheduling deployment. Creating a link to your survey and sending via email has the advantage of allowing anonymous replies and quick linking from sites or emails. A last option for sending out surveys is to utilize a survey service that will access a body of people for you. Zoomerang has a ready link for quotes for survey takers, which is handled by TrueSample.

Zoomerang Dashboard

Reports – getting the results from your surveys – are found under their own tab (Analyze Results), where a dashboard which will show responses (updated every few seconds) and the survey details (visits and completes, and partials) both graphically and numerically.

The advantage of Zoomerang is how easily the process is made; the dashboard keeps everything within arms reach – all of the editing, creating, and results of the surveys are all located in the dashboard. Everything that the survey creator would want, even individual responses and exporting the raw data is never more than two clicks from the dashboard.

Free accounts are limited to seeing the first 100 responses and 30 questions per survey, and Pro accounts (annual memberships run $199 with a discount for educators and nonprofits) have unlimited responses and questions. Advanced deployment, including mobile phones and targeted audiences are available with the Premium account ($599 annually).

To find this or other survey applications there is the Listio search: create+surveys.

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Application: Zoomerang
Listio Profile: http://www.listio.com/web20/app/Zoomerang/
Website: http://www.zoomerang.com
Zoomerang is an online survey tool that lets you create and send online surveys. It also allows you to view the results in real-time. Its other features include creating custom survey paths eliminating the need for respondents to read and respond to eliminate questions, sending reminders to those w... Learn more

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