Cute As Hell: One Stop Pet Shop

April 3rd, 2009

Cute As Hell Logo It’s been widely acknowledged by the majority of moral codes in the world that an excessive amount of pride is a bad thing – but surely that doesn’t apply to our pets, right?

For our domesticated companions there comes the social network Cute As Hell, where users can create a profile for their pet, compare them to other pets, and discover new pet accessories.

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So what makes Cute As Hell different from the waiting room of your local pet groomer? For starters, it’s all online, and Cute As Hell adds competition. Not only can users see the “cuteness” rating of their animal, through the “Thunderdome” feature users can stack their pet(s) up against others for prizes.

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Cute As Hell aims to be a one stop shop for pet owners, including profiles, interactive features, and a reference for services. If they find a pet accessory that they like, or one that comes highly rated with Cute As Hell’s 5-paw rating system, they can purchase it directly. Under the “Learn” tab users will be able to search for Adoption Centers, Breeders, Dog Walkers, Pet Groomers, Pet Sitters, Rescues, Veterinarians, and other pet services.

Cute As Hell Screenshot

The downside to Cute As Hell is that it is only set up for birds, cats, dogs, reptiles, and fish – so you spider, llama, pig, goat, monkey, and other animal owners will feel left out. Also, at the time of this review, Cute As Hell was only beginning to populate its services section (under the tab “Learn”) with vets, shelters, and pet services, so it is a feature that may not be as appealing as they hope. To find this or other applications like it, there is the Listio search: pets+shopping.

Application: Cute As Hell
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Pet profiles, contests, shopping, and services - all in one place! Find a pet toy, vet, or just see how cute your pet is with Cute As Hell.... Learn more

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