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August 16th, 2010

Wazala LogoIn today’s economy you need to make getting paid as easy and straightforward as possible. You may be one of the ever-increasing amount of self-employed people with a product, craft, or digital goods to sell. The ability to easily sell your work without a lot of upfront costs or effort is the essential key to success for making money on the net. Personal branding encourages everyone to have their own websites, but many people don’t know how to add a shopping cart, or how to choose one of the other more complicated ecommerce services, plus they don’t want to pay a pricey web designer. Wazala makes adding a shopping cart to your existing blog or website simple, easy, and affordable for even the least internet-savvy entrepreneur.

Wazala Store Demo

Wazala’s ecommerce software allows any website or blog to have an online storefront and shopping cart in 15 minutes. That’s right…in the time it takes to watch half of Entourage, you can set up your products and add the widget to your website! You also don’t have to be an internet genius or a funded company to get it started. You can sell five items for free, or choose from the paid packages of small, medium, and large depending on how many products you have for sale. Instead of selling your handmade jewelry on Etsy and your merchandise on eBay, you can attract visitors to your own website and keep them there. Not sending your loyal followers somewhere else just to buy from you helps you build your brand.

Wazala Store Manager

The store widget is smoothly integrated into your website. By default, Wazala displays a small red tab in the upper-right of your site that when clicked opens up a separate window on top of your content. This way you don’t have to create a new page for your shopping cart, and the design of your website remains untouched. They don’t try to brand your website with their name – only the word ‘Store’ is on the button. The design of Wazala is simple and elegant so it does not clash with any design tastes.

Wazala Store Layout

Wazala is intelligent. You can “favorite” items and add items to a cart. It saves the cart and favorites so customers can take their time shopping and come back later if they need to. You can add descriptions and multiple pictures to each item you sell so customers always know exactly what they are purchasing. It nicely attaches to your PayPal account, Google Checkout and Authorize.net which are known, trusted, services. Being able to shop within your own website and make secure purchases makes your business professional and efficient.

Wazala Background Selection

If you do not have a website or a blog to host your own store on, Wazala will create a store for you with yourownname.wazala.com. One very cool feature is the ability to choose a unique background picture from Flickr’s creative commons. Just browse the images and select a theme that matches your store’s personality.

Wazala Demo Shop

The shopping cart software can host products, services, and digital downloads. With its versatility, it is great product for the photographer selling her own stock images, the crafter looking to sell his items, the collector wanting to sell antiques, the company selling their products, the painter wanting to sell his paintings, and so on. It is an affordable solution to a do-it-yourself approach to sales, for only a small amount of money (or free), and 15 minutes of work gives your business the potential to make a profit. Start your own website, quickly add the Wazala store widget, and start making money.

Application: Wazala
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Wazala is an online application that transforms any website or blog into an elegant comprehensive online store. A popover widget installs WITHIN your existing website or blog in as little as 15 minutes flat! In 15 languages and 23 currencies, Wazala allows store owners to set up shop in multiple la... Learn more

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