3 Great Email Apps for iPhone

August 24th, 2013

Top email apps iphoneThere are currently a number of email apps for iPhone users to choose form. Some are specific to a certain platform while others will work with multiple email accounts. Some are free and some will cost you.

Here is a review for three of the top email apps for iPhone getting some cool buzz lately.

Mailbox is a free email app that is currently only available to Gmail users but the developers claim that the app will be available for other platforms soon. The focus of the app is to make email quicker and easier to manage. One of the top features lets you swipe messages quickly to your archive or to trash.

Mailbox also lets you view an entire email conversation in a single view, like a chat conversation. Another top feature is the Snooze button. This allows you to view emails until later. All you have to do is hit a button and the email returns to your inbox for later viewing.

Gmail is the official email app from Google. It is a straight forward email app and is fully integrated into the Google experience. You can add up to five Gmail accounts and switch back and forth pretty effortlessly. Like other email apps it allows you to see your emails in a threaded view.

You can respond to Google Calendar invites and Google+ posts right from the app so it will keep you from having to switch between multiple apps. You can also customize your emails by using custom scribbles. Overall it is a simple and streamlined email app for any Gmail user.

Boxer bills itself as one of the most innovative email apps for iPhone users, and they are not far off.They have been getting some rave reviews from leading tech publications and users alike. One of its main features is that it works with a number of different email platforms, including Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Hotmail, and Exchange

It also allows you to attach files you have stored in Dropbox to your emails. This is a great feature because you may not have all you important files stored on your phone. With Boxer it is easy to attach a photo or file from Dropbox as you are composing an email. There is also a “Like” button that allows you to acknowledge that you have received a friend or colleague’s email. They will then be notified that you have received their message without you having to email back.

There are also a list of prewritten responses that you can use to reply to emails with a touch of a button. One tap automatically sends a response and you can continue on with your work. The app is also feature packed with a To Do list, profile pictures from LinkedIn and Facebook, user profiles that include a history of communications. Boxer has become one of the fastest growing email apps for iPhone users.

Got any other email apps that others may be interested in? Let us know if the comments below.

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