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Zoomerang: Online Survey Application That Puts It Together

January 15th, 2009

Zoomerang LogoZoomerang is an application that lets users do more than create a survey - it keeps it all organized, from the creation, managing, and response - all from a dashboard. Read More »

Video Distribution Services: Promoting and Distributing Video Content With Web 2.0

November 17th, 2008

So here's the setup - you've got video that you would like to put online, but you don't want to just put into YouTube - you want it all over the web. Maybe you've created a promotional video or creative short film. Maybe you've found a producer you like and are looking to partner that content with advertising. However you reached this point, you need some help - some web 2.0 help - to promote and distribute video content. Read More »

Comparing Event Management Applications: Eventbrite, Amiando, MadeIt, Eventsbot

November 14th, 2008

As we looked at the event management applications this week we were impressed by how simple it was to create an event and manage it - each of the applications could do this - yet there were some that stood above the rest. Navigation-wise, all of the applications were easy to move around, but Eventbrite, with its straightforward graphics and spacing was the most appealing. Read More »

Amiando: Full Service Event Management

November 13th, 2008

Amiando LogoFor event planners and businesses looking to host a large event, web 2.0 event managing applications handle what once it took teams of people to handle, giving the tools to manage contacts, information and promotion. Amiando is one such application, covering the needs of event planning while offering support for ticketing. Read More »

Eventbrite: Event Management With Options

November 12th, 2008

Eventbrite LogoThe first thing you notice about Eventbrite is how effective the layout is, drawing you straight to the information in a visually pleasing manner. The next thing you notice, as you create an event, is that Eventbrite puts everything you need to create the event on the same page, centralized to keep it simple. Read More »

Eventsbot: Event Management With Ticketing

November 11th, 2008

EventsBot LogoAs event managers and public relation managers attempt to get a handle on events, eventsbot can help them, providing attendee and ticket management with options. Read More »

MadeIt: Making Event Management Easy

November 10th, 2008

MadeIt LogoMadeIt offers much of what makes event planning important; a chance to customize a webpage dedicated to your event, add maps, times, set currency, and manage tickets. MadeIt does this through simple tab navigation, breaking the event into two tabs which each have options on a sidebar. The product of this is a streamlined navigation that speeds the setup process. Just fill in the forms on the two tabs and your event is ready to go. Read More »

Managing Events With Web 2.0

November 10th, 2008

It's one thing to organize a party - something that most people will confess some frustration with - but to organize an event, a full sized affair with all the invites and lists, that's a special skill. To help with that task are Event Management applications, web 2.0 with the organizational tools to keep even the most complicated of events on track. Read More »

Comparing Help Desk Applications: ZenDesk, HelpDeskPilot, Ticketish, and Helperoo

October 17th, 2008

In a business climate where costs are rising and there is an increasing reliance on the web it is not surprising that companies are finding that web 2.0 applications such as help desks are a cost efficient way to keep satisfaction high and alert them to potential product flaws. This week we took a look at some of the help desk applications on the web. Each offered customers the opportunity to submit help tickets and businesses the chance to manage them. Email was the primary method for this interaction, though each of the applications allowed agents handling the tickets to enter in tickets manually. We evaluated the applications on the ease of use, the options available, and whether the applications were suited to heavy or light users. Read More »

FeedEachOther: A Social RSS Reader

October 1st, 2008

FeedEachOther ListingWith so much news and information out there, we all could use a little help to make it more accessible, but what if we want to share what we find? FeedEachOther is an application with this in mind; get the news you care about and provide a way to share information without pestering your friends with emails. Read More »

NewsGator: RSS Feed Reader With Reach

September 30th, 2008

NewsGator ListingAnyone that has tried to keep up with the news knows that it's no simple matter. TV, radio, tens of newspapers, and hundreds of places on the internet to keep up with make just staying up on the latest events a full time job, but web 2.0 has a solution to this problem. This is where NewsGator comes in. RSS feeds are links to the source - references if you will, so to get the benefits and interaction out of them you need a reader that can combine them. NewsGator not only combines your feeds into an easily readable page, but it lets you sort and organize them as you wish. Read More »

Comparing Time Tracking Applications: Tick, FreshBooks, Intervals, and Cashboard

September 29th, 2008

As software costs rise and companies need more mobile solutions for productivity tools businesses look increasingly to web 2.0, where a new generation of tools allow companies to conduct their business anywhere, at low cost. This is true of all aspects of productivity, including time management. Businesses know that keeping a handle on time is one of the great challenges, and that companies who can rein it in are able to get more out of every project. This week we covered several of time management tools, judging them on their ability to track time, how easy they were to use, and which features they offered. Read More »

Tick: Time Management Ready Made Easy

September 25th, 2008

Tick ListingTime management doesn't have to hard. Enter the time, track it, and apply it to a project. Time management application Tick does just that, offering an easy to use online interface to manage time around a project. One of the first things you notice about Tick is how streamlined it is; there are only three tabs (Timecard, Projects, Reporting), and how the page is laid out with plenty of space around items. Not sparse, but easy to read. Read More »

Cashboard: Time Manager With Invoicing

September 24th, 2008

Cashboard ListingWith time running away as easily as it does, having a time management tool is a boon to everyone, and with Cashboard, time is managed with billing in mind. Easily integrated with Basecamp, and with a number of invoicing tools, Cardboard can keep your receivables and timesheets organized. Read More »

Intervals: Managing Time With Invoices And Documents

September 23rd, 2008

Intervals ListingAn integral part of project management and business, time management can keep projects and people on the move, ensuring success. Fortunately for businesses of all sizes, complicated software that goes out of date is a thing of the past, and is being replaced by web 2.0 time management applications. Online and updated by the developer at no cost to you, Intervals is one of these applications. Designed to track time, Intervals also provides a platform for invoicing, reports, and document storage. To get to know the application and its capabilities, let's take a closer look. Read More »

Comparing Invite and RSVP Applications: Meet With Approval, MyPunchbowl, Pingg, Socializr

September 19th, 2008

Organizing events, either social or professional, can be complicated, but here to help you manage the guest lists and the information flow are a few invite and RSVP applications. Designed to create invites and keep a tab on who's coming, these applications offer services to help you keep it under control. All of the applications we reviewed for this comparison had the basics to manage guest lists: you could craft an invite, email it, and see who responded. Where they differed and where we judged these applications were on the how they let us do these things, and how what kind of features they added. Read More »

Pingg: Well Packaged RSVP And Invite Management

September 18th, 2008

Pingg LogoPingg is an invite and event tool that has both flexibility and design sense. With a visually appealing interface, neither cluttered nor jarring, Pingg offers a web space to invite and mange your events. Read More »

Socializr: Invites and RSVPs With Social Tools

September 17th, 2008

Socializr LogoSocializr knows one thing for sure. All events are social. That's why the invite and event tool has made itself more accessible to social networks, and has taken the invite to a new place. Designed to help users manage guest lists and rsvps, Socializr takes the simple event manager and builds on it with a variety of social tools. Read More »

MyPunchbowl: Events and RSVPs, Party Style

September 16th, 2008

MyPunchbowl LogoPlanning events can be difficult. You have to figure out who's coming, when to meet, and if there are things to bring. Thanks to MyPunchbowl, all these things are as easy as following a list. Read More »

Comparing Product Management Tools: 5pm, GoPlan, Central Desktop, and Basecamp

August 22nd, 2008

Whether you are managing a personal or business project, the need for organization is ever-present. Fortunately there are a number of web 2.0 applications that can help with organizing and tracking your projects. Called project management applications, these online organizers come in a variety of complexities and styles. Over the week we've talked about some of these project management tools and judged them on their interface, what features they offered, and how effective they were. Read More »

Central Desktop: Powerful, Centralized Project Management

August 21st, 2008

Central Desktop LogoProject management applications all attempt to do the same thing, but as you might expect, some management applications are geared for enterprise users. Central Desktop is one of those, a robust application for project management with an impressive set of functions. Read More »

5pm: Project Management Made Simple

August 20th, 2008

5pm LogoIf there was one word to describe the project manager application 5pm, it would be simplicity, and that's a good thing. Projects have a way of running over budget or out of time, becoming disorganized, or just plain getting out of control, so when a clever bit of web 2.0 can bring simplicity to the process, we feel we should talk about it a bit. A project management tool with a user-friendly interface, 5pm is a tool to help you with organization, project tracking, information flow, and project management. To see how 5pm... Read More »

Basecamp: Project Management In The Suite

August 19th, 2008

Basecamp ListingSome people regard Basecamp as the original web-based project manager, since it has inspired so many similar products, and has helped launch a thousand interface look-alikes. Basecamp continues to have a loyal following, offering basic project management as part of the 37 Signals productivity suite. Its "web 2.0" methodologies allow everyone working on a project, not just a project manager, to contribute notes and files to a central location, and to collaborate on project deliverables and due dates. Read More »

GoPlan: Basic Project Management

August 18th, 2008

GoPlan ListingGoPlan is project management application that uses the simplicity of blog-style posting as an interface to manage projects, to do lists, and notes. It has a simple, straightforward functionality that gets to the essentials of project planning. As project managers go, GoPlan has all the elements you would want and a few more: tools for organizing, tracking, and communicating. Read More »

Overbooked? Leave It To Us.

May 12th, 2008

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