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Comparing Web 2.0 Cocktail Applications: CocktailDB, DrinksMixer, ExtraTasty, and Cocktail Builder

January 2nd, 2009

This week we did our homework for New Years - online drink recipe applications. If you would like to a primer on the subject, there is our post, Taking In The New Year: Web 2.0 Cocktail Recipe Applications, and links to the full reviews are below. We'll talk more about CocktailDB, Drinksmixer, Extratasty, and Cocktail Builder after the chart, but we should begin with saying that all the applications this week returned results on ingredients and by name. Read More »

CocktailDB: Web 2.0 And Cocktails At Your Fingertips

January 1st, 2009

CocktailDB LogoWhen users land on CocktailDB they may well feel that they have arrived; the application that features a large database with the ability to suggest by mood and ingredient has been lovingly prepared, and made bartending simple. Read More »

ExtraTasty: Bring The Cocktail Recipes To You

December 31st, 2008

Extratasty LogoIf there's one thing that complements cocktails well, it's friends, which is why ExtraTasty's approach to a social drink database makes sense. Look up the recipes you want to try, share favorites with friends, and even send it along to your mobile with ExtraTasty. Read More »

DrinksMixer: Cocktail Recipes Organized As You Like

December 30th, 2008

DrinksMixer LogoHosted by the entertainment site CraveOnline, users looking for cocktails may mistake the ad-heavy DrinksMixer for only a promotional tool, but the recipe application has one of the largest collections of cocktails, from the homespun to the famous. Read More »

Cocktail Builder: Making Cocktails Easy

December 29th, 2008

Cocktail Builder Logo While simplistic in appearance and layout, cocktail builder has the range of function that the home bartender would want. Get recipes and suggestions while rating your favorite cocktails, or using an ingredient list to come up with new cocktails with cocktail builder. Read More »

Taking In The New Year: Web 2.0 Cocktail Recipe Applications

December 29th, 2008

Thanks to a number of recent web 2.0 applications taking in the New Year has never been easier, and users looking for more refined intoxication can find recipes for cocktails at any time with a connection online. Read More »

Comparing Recipe Applications: Foodari, Open Source Food, Supercook, and Reci-P

December 26th, 2008

When thinking of what you might want in a recipe application, you are likely to want more than what a cookbook offers; recipes, descriptions, and suggestions, all with the speed of a search engine. Recipe applications provide these, and as we see with this week's applications, a bit more. Read More »

Foodari: Recipes With Full Function

December 25th, 2008

Foodari LogoLooking at Foodari, you may think it to be a bit cluttered - even its tabs seem cramped - but Foodari's cramped because it's trying to do it all. Recipes, books, videos, forums, and food related feeds (blogs and stories) from the web. Read More »

Open Source Food: A Clean and Easy Recipe Application

December 24th, 2008

OpenSourceFood LogoThe first thing you notice with OpenSourceFood is the clean and modern design, bringing a high contrast layout with large, full pictures. Navigation is easy - links are quickly found, and the tab layout (Overview, Recipes, Voted, Following, People) lets users get to the area they want quickly. Keyword search is on the main page and the recipe tab will show suggestions. Read More »

Supercook: Recipes From What You Have

December 23rd, 2008

Supercook LogoClean, easy-to-use, and with a large number of recipes possible (250,000 they say), Supercook is an application that takes recipe searching from a different angle -- what ingredients you've got on hand. Read More »

Reci-P: Online Recipe Database For You

December 22nd, 2008

Reci P LogoWhen it comes to recipes you want more than a tool for finding recipes - you want to save them, organize them, and maybe even create a menu for an event. Reci-P lets you do this and more, by providing a recipe book that's entirely online. Read More »

Making It On Your Own; Web 2.0 Recipe Applications

December 22nd, 2008

With the holidays fully upon us and the economy going through its fluctuations, more web 2.0 users are bringing their meal closer to the hearth. This week we'll be looking at one way that users are doing that, with recipe applications. Read More »

Lunch Time

May 16th, 2008

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What’s In A Julip?

May 3rd, 2008

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