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DoDyDos - rocked by HTML5 - can include text, photos, YouTube videos, maps and links. Each #DoDyDo has an #InBox, where you can drop other DoDyDos. The author of the DoDyDo can now decide whether to publish this proposal on his DoDyDo. Thus published DoDyDos have now an InBox again. So if you create a DoDyDo 'The best dive sites of the Maldives' and publish a DoDyDo 'Kani Corner' on this DoDyDo, I can send you a DoDyDo incuding the image of a giant whale shark, which I saw there, to your 'Kani Corner' DoDyDo. My 'whale shark' DoDyDo can also be a part of a 'big fishes' DoDyDo and can include a DoDyDos 'The habits of a whale shark.' The idea is that you can FOLLOW PEOPLE AND TOPICS. You can simply drag the #Grabber (at the right top menu) to your browser favorites bar and grab links, images, and texts on any website or videos on YouTube. And finally, you can send DoDyDos to Facebook and Twitter and embed it with 2 lines of code on your website.
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