Logo for Jobprize.com - Be Referred For Your Dream Job
If you could pay someone $500 to land you a $75,000 a year job, would you? This is the concept behind Jobprize.com.

JobPrize is a job referral network that allows job seekers to pay informed employees to refer and help them land a job.

The site lets you create a profile, and in your profile you outline your perfect job, and how much you are willing to pay someone to give you an in, get an interview and land the job.

You then become reachable by prize hunters, or people that are willing to refer you for the prize. Its a completely new concept, since 90% of jobs are landed through referrals. The job seeker posts a profile, and people from companies with openings that match the profile will submit their resume as a referral. If you get the job, the referrer gets the "prize".

All in all, a great way to land a job and another tool in the jobsearch arsenal. A position will never pass you by by being proactive.
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