Logo for Wormwalls
Wormwall came as an answer to the question, what's the simplest possible system for creating and sharing web pages? It's designed to make putting pages up on the internet as simple as typing an email. No messing with complicated HTML, publishing systems, content management systems or other things. Just start typing, create links, etc. but all with our Rich Text Editor. It's not intended to be fancy, but it lets you express yourself and get something up on the Internet in literally seconds: event flyers, fan pages, publish your writing or poetry, organize your favorite links, create your own product reviews, publish your favorite recipes, write tutorials, provide content that's too long for Twitter, even create links between other Wormwalls! The sky is the limit! We'll handle the hosting, you handle the content.

When you publish your page you get a unique URL for your page that you can share with others. Make as many Wormwalls as you like, we'll even track the hits to each page so you can see which ones are popular. You can even edit the content on a Wormwall to keep them up-to-date and fresh.
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